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* Do you know what a Smurf DDoS attack is?

Suggested article: What is a Smurf DDoS attack?

The Smurf attack is a form of a DDoS attack that occurs at the network layer. It is a protocol-based attack that uses the popular Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to send ping packets of data with a spoofed IP address of the source, thanks to malicious software.

DDoS Smurf attack types:

  • Basic - it is flooding a network with ping packets that have spoofed the victim's IP address.
  • Advanced - It looks similar to the Basic one. The Advanced can spoof the IP addresses of the packets in a way that it can send the response to more than one target.

Smurf attacks mitigation:

  • Use DDoS protection service
  • Forbid the ICMP traffic
  • Stop packets with a broadcast IP address

This DDoS attack type can be really dangerous for your website. If you need to learn more about it, look at the following article about Smurf DDoS attacks!